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Clip from Believe in the Lord:

1. Believe in the Lord (3:25)

(Words & Music: Michael K. Herndon)

(© 2010 Old Barn Publishing, LLC)

Mike Herndon Lead Vocal & Bass Guitar

Randall Penberthy Acoustic Guitar (Lead)

Jonathan Romanko Violin

Matthew Romanko Banjo

Terry Romanko Mandolin





Believe in the Lord and you will be saved

Shackles and chains, Hell break them away

Just As He Promised Hes Here to stay

Believe in the Lord and you will be saved


He is the Light upon the hill

Where Love shines and always will

Just open up your heart and let Him in

Thats when your new life will begin



Hes here in the mornn at the crack of dawn

He walks beside you all day long

And when you lay you down to sleep

Your soul he watches, your soul He keeps



Remember that youre never alone

The Lord is with you wherever you roam

It makes no difference if its night or day

He always hears you when you pray




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