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Clip from Cross the River Jordan Boys:

13) Cross the River Jordan Boys (3:17)

(Words and Music by Randall Penberthy)

(©2013 Randall Penberthy)


Dave Hallows – Backup Vocal

Mike Herndon – Bass Guitar

Randall Penberthy – Lead Vocal & Acoustic Guitar

Jonathan Romanko – Backup Vocal & Violin

Matthew Romanko – Banjo

Terry Romanko – Backup Vocal, Mandolin, & Percussion




Oh, cross the river Jordan, boys, cross it while you can

Cross the river Jordan, boys, take the promised land,

we've reached the promised land.


When Moses said to Pharaoh, boys, let my people go,

we said goodbye to Egypt-land, and down the road we'd go,

boys, down the road we'd go.



We thought we'd reached the bitter end,

The Red Sea close at hand

But God did part the water there,

We crossed it on dry land, boys, we crossed it on dry land



We made it through the wilderness, across that barren land,

We made it through the wilderness,

Led by God's right hand, boys, led by God's right hand.



Oh, Caleb said to Joshua, there's giants in the land,

But God has made His promises

To take the promised land, boys, let's take the promised land


(Repeat Chorus)


“When in Egypt in servitude to Pharaoh, the Isrealites cried out to God for deliverance. The Lord showed his power and might, and the people were allowed to go forth. But God's mighty hand and outstretched arm did not stop there. He parted the Red Sea, and led them through the wilderness, providing for their needs with miracle after miracle.  When it came time to cross the Jordan into the promised land, the Israelites balked.  It wasn't for another 40 years until they would get another chance. How about you today – you who are in servitude to sin? God offers deliverance to you. Will you continue on in unbelief or lack of faith, or will you “Cross the River Jordan, Boys”?”


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