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Clip from Life’s Railway to Heaven:

5. Life's Railway to Heaven (3:45)

(Eliza R. Snow & M. E. Abbey, 19th Century)

Dave Hallows – Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar

Terry Romanko – Backup Vocals & Mandolin

Mike Herndon – Bass Guitar

Randall Penberthy – Banjo

Jonathan Romanko – Violin


Life is like a mountain railroad, with an engineer that’s brave;

We must make the run successful, from the cradle to the grave;

Watch the curves, the fills, and tunnels; never falter, never quail;

Keep your hand upon the throttle, and your eye upon the rail.



Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us,

Till we reach that blissful shore;

Where the angels wait to join us

In Thy praise forevermore.


You will roll up grades of trial; you will cross the bridge of strife;

See that Christ is your Conductor on this lightning train of life;

Always mindful of obstruction, do your duty, never fail;

Keep your hand upon the throttle, and your eye upon the rail.



As you roll across the trestle, spanning Jordan’s swelling tide,

You behold the Union Depot into which your train will glide;

There you’ll meet the Superintendent, God the Father, God the Son,

With the hearty, joyous, welcome, “Weary pilgrim, welcome home!”


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